Winter Weather Spells Need for Quality Window Repair in Indianapolis

March is usually the start of harsh winter conditions in Indianapolis, and the winter storm in late-February 2014 proved that to be the case. However, meteorologists in Indiana have reason to believe that the state now faces one of the harshest winters to date, with temperatures nearly reaching subzero levels on a regular basis and snowfall on par with the worst winter season on record, which happened in 1981-1982. According to IndyStar, weather experts also expect the last six weeks of the season to be especially unforgiving.

At the end of the season, many Indianapolis locals will no doubt need to perform repairs on their homes and commercial buildings, perhaps more extensively than in previous years. While the primary concern would undoubtedly be the condition of roofs, gutters, and sidewalks, business and homeowners should look into window damage as well.

Winter Weather Spells Need for Quality Window Repair in Indianapolis

Low temperatures and heavy snowfall, after all, often cause frost and condensation buildup on all kinds of glass, especially on windows and mirrors. These manifestations of moisture aren’t exactly dangerous per se, but the damage they wreak often entails the need for quality Indianapolis window repair from a company like Suburban Glass Service, Inc.

Frost and condensation both lead to water damage if not dealt with right away. For instance, moisture on the window frame can cause the paint to melt and even weaken the frame itself. Even worse, excess moisture on windows could lead to mold growth. Weatherizing the windows is a good way to prevent such things from happening, while running a dehumidifier can also have a positive effect.

It would no doubt be sensible to let an Indianapolis window glass repair company conduct the necessary inspections before these problems manifest. Even the tiniest and most inconspicuous cracks on a window can let in unwanted moisture indoors—something that storm-preppers in the city can never countenance.

In addition, expert opinion as regards a window’s insulating capabilities can serve as a wakeup call for business and homeowners to finally install insulated glass panes on their windows. After all, meteorologists are convinced that winter in Indiana is only going to get worse in the near future. The coming spring should serve as an opportunity for everyone to prep their windows for the next winter.

(Source: Another winter storm looms for weekend, IndyStar, February 27, 2014)