Windows in Indianapolis: How to Recoup Repair Costs upon Home Sale

Are you thinking of replacing your windows for energy efficiency? Better think about it first. Architecture and renovation expert Josh Garskof writes for the Time Inc. publication Money, and he recently stressed some important points regarding the matter:

Wrong Reason

The energy savings from new windows don’t come close to justifying their cost. True, new high-efficiency (double paned, argon-gas filled, low-emissivity film coated) windows might offer twice the insulation value as the old single-pane units in your house, meaning they’d cut your energy loss through the windows by as much as 50%. But only about 30% of your house’s heating and air conditioning disappears out the windows, says Paul Scheckel, a home energy efficiency consultant in Vermont and author of The Homeowner’s Energy Handbook. So at best you’d really only save about 15% (calculated by taking 50% of 30%).

Don’t get discouraged by these facts, though. Garskof also brought to light the benefits that come with replacing windows. The 2014 Cost vs. Value report “showed that homeowners get back nearly 80% of window replacement costs when they eventually sell. Plus, new units tilt in for easy cleaning, and they open and shut with ease—no need to prop them open with a stick.”

If you will be replacing your windows in Indianapolis to improve your home’s value, you have to pick quality products that can foot the bill eventually. Sure, it might be a big investment if you have a large home, but when you choose quality replacement windows and seek professional installation, you can recoup the costs once you sell your property.

Checking the specifications and ratings

You don’t have to splurge on replacement windows. Some products are quite affordable, even if they are highly-rated for versatility. If you want to keep heat in, look for a U-factor of 0.30 or lower. To effectively block the sun, find solar heat gain coefficients below 0.8. Choose visible transmittance values at least 0.30 or as much as 0.70 to maximize daylight entry into your home. Also, make sure that you get the corresponding frames and grilles that match your property’s aesthetics.

Ensuring professional installation

Of course, any product you choose would be wasted without quality workmanship. Aside from supplying quality replacement windows in Indianapolis, companies like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. specialize in repairs and installations. Certified technicians from these firms can guide you in finding the most suitable products for your home, as well as professionally accomplish the project to help improve your home’s resale value.

(Source: The Wrong Reason to Replace Drafty Old Windows (and the Right One), TIME, September 10, 2014)