Windows Aren’t Just “Holes in the Wall”

Windows have an important function in your home, other than giving you access to outdoor views. The framework secures your comfort indoors, provides a decorative touch to your façade, and ensures your security.

Windows With Flower Boxes

So here are some reasons why you shouldn’t take house windows for granted.

Air and Sunlight Filtration

Let’s talk about the practical side of having windows first. With proper curtains or blinds, they enable you to control how much sunlight enters your home. You can also open them wide on breezy days and shut them tight on chilly nights.

Improved Aesthetics

You may take them for granted because of the everyday hustle and bustle. To visitors who are not used to seeing it every day, however, your windows may just be the element that enhances the appearance of your home, especially if they are French windows or framed with an elaborate design.

On a related note, strategically placed windows allows you to see what you need to focus on. For example, a window in the kitchen enables you to watch over the kids playing in the garden or wading in the pool, while you’re washing dishes or preparing a snack.

Alternative Entrance and Exit

Windows serve as an escape route when there is a fire or for any other circumstances that wouldn’t allow you to exit through the door. On the other hand, they serve as an entry point for when you forgot your keys and locked yourself out of the house.

All these are reasons to start appreciating windows a little more. You can opt for sliding, stationary, or double-hung windows, among others.

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