Window Repair in Indianapolis Removes Wastage Due to Useless Windows

A May 14, 2014 WTHR 13 article details a meteorological phenomenon that wreaked havoc on a town south of Indianapolis, Indiana:

“Strong storms caused severe damage across Johnson County Tuesday evening.

Stephanie Sichting, director of the Johnson County EMA, says Edinburgh sustained widespread storm damage. Photos from Edinburgh High School show the football stadium’s bleachers twisted and pulled away from the press box.

The National Weather Service says the damage in Edinburgh was likely caused by a microburst.

A microburst is a small downburst of destructive wind. It hits the ground and spreads out in all directions. That’s different from a tornado. A tornado is a violently rotating column of air,that comes from a thunderstorm cloud and makes contact with the ground.

The high school track team couldn’t believe what they saw when they arrived back to the school from an away meet.

“It’s really, really weird,” said one of the athletes.

“It’s upsetting, too, it’s like a home here and it’s all destroyed,” said another team member.”

Areas adjacent to the school, such as the cemetery and some neighborhoods, also felt the impact of the microburst, with several trees breaking off and falling in the process. As severe as that sounds, there are other meteorological phenomena that can put pressure on all kinds of home systems in Edinburgh or nearby Indianapolis, and they will require professional window repair in Indianapolis.

Window Repair in Indianapolis Removes Wastage Due to Useless Windows

After all, windows are extremely important since they help regulate the warmth in any room. This trait of insulated windows becomes all the more important when the cold months of winter come along. However, there are different possible causes for windows to fail, from age to temperature extremes; the 2013-2014 polar vortex alone likely had a negative impact on the lifespan of many home windows.

Indianapolis homeowners concerned about the insulating properties of their windows should check for signs of disrepair. Peeling exterior paint, drafts, and warm or cool spots are telltale signs that a house’s windows are starting to malfunction.

Indy homeowners who feel that the latest weather events have affected their windows should call services that know how to conduct window glass repair in Indianapolis. Work done by agencies like Suburban Glass Service will ensure an increase in the household’s energy efficiency and a subsequent reduction in heating costs.

In the end, homeowners should never hesitate to call for a reliable service when they feel that their windows cannot carry out their responsibilities effectively.

(Source: Severe storms cause damage in Edinburgh, WTHR 13, May 14, 2014)