Window Repair in Indianapolis is Important in Spite of Winter’s End

One of the harshest winters the U.S. has ever experienced is almost over, as an Indianapolis Star article published February 18, 2014 details the great weather Indianapolis is looking forward to. Paul Poteet writes:

“Monday’s storm featured virtually everything. Sleet and freezing rain ended up being a bigger deal than snow. The total precipitation was .21 of an inch, with only 0.3 inches of snow. Compare that to last Friday. Then we had .29 inches of liquid precipitation, with 5.5 inches of snow. It’s all in the temperatures – both above us and at the surface. Milder air above us contributed to the liquid-falling-and-freezing yesterday, but it’s making its way down to the ground over the next three days, giving us the warmest day of the year so far Thursday.”

The polar vortex has passed, and spring is almost upon the state of Indiana. However, it is also important to call upon services that perform window repair in Indianapolis, as the winter might have taken the wind off of your windows.

Window Repair in Indianapolis is Important in Spite of Winter’s End

The cold weather may have made a negative impact on your windows. If they are starting to show signs of moisture and the room temperature feels a bit drafty, then that means that your windows are on their way to a complete breakdown and need to be repaired fast.

This is where Indianapolis window glass repair services come in. Businesses like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. can immediately assess the damage and do the necessary repairs in order to make the window work again.

Winter is almost over, but homes like yours still need to make sure that their interiors are warm. Concerned homeowners should call reliable services to have their windows fixed immediately.

(Source: Indianapolis weather: Warming trend begins, Paul Poteet Says, Indianapolis Star, February 18, 2014)