Trusted Suppliers and Installers Provide Fortified Indianapolis Doors

Doors are essential parts of any home or structure for quite obvious reasons. Not only does it serve as a welcome sign to guests, it also serves as a protection against intruders. Because of the important role it plays, it only makes sense that homeowners make sure their doors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can actually fulfill its role as the home’s premium line of defense.

thieves pry open sliding glass doors to rip you off

As Tammie Fields report for WTPS 10News, having faulty door security could only make the family residing within vulnerable to criminal acts:

“At least nine homes were broken into recently in several St. Petersburg communities. St. Petersburg police say in all of the cases the thieves were able to get in by prying sliding doors open or by breaking through homeowners regular doors or french doors.”

People with growing families, in particular, see home security as a big issue because this could greatly affect the way their kids develop, as well as the quality of the neighborhood they are being raised in. Usually, the instinct is for homeowners to immediately rely on alarm systems, video cameras and motion sensors. While that’s all well and good, what they tend to fail to understand and consider is that even with those additions, the most important home security component is still actually the door.

Many can argue that burglars can easily pry doors open and that some form of reinforcements, like a sophisticated security system, can compensate for its inherent vulnerabilities. That solution costs a lot and may be out of reach to most middle-class families. A better alternative is to contact a trusted Indiana door supplier and installer, such as Suburban Glass, to provide fortified Indianapolis doors that can withstand man-made, and even nature-imposed, pressures.

These companies have an extensive experience in dealing with both residential and commercial establishments, such that they know what kind of Indianapolis door repair services or replacements should be made. A range of options for door repairs include changing the hinges, frames, glasses, bolts, and locks. They can even recommend making improvements to the door system by adding door bars, chains, closers, cylinders, and even replacing the door with an entirely new one.

Home security is a matter that has to be taken seriously but this does not mean that everyone has to spend a fortune just to be confident about the security of their homes. Before going to any high-tech security solutions, people should first consult with door suppliers and installers to check for more affordable, but equally efficient tools, to make their homes a safer place to live in.

(Source: Thieves pry open sliding glass doors to rip you off, Tammie Fields, May 12, 2014)