Things to Consider in Window Glass Repair After a Break-in Incident

Stores always face the threat of being broken into and robbed, especially those with glass storefronts and windows that are easy to penetrate. When some unguided youngsters suddenly decide to go on a window-breaking spree—for some reason—your store could be an easy target. Some businesses in the city have been raided in past months, for instance, with gun or liquor stores among the favored ones.

In a similar incident in Belltown, WA, vandals also hit a grocery store, a seafood restaurant, and an adventure store during a rampage. According to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the restaurant had its large and medium windows damaged, while the adventure store lost two very large windows. Luckily for the grocery store, only a door window was hit.

The prospect of store break-ins is a challenge for business owners and law enforcement. When this happens to your store, the first thing to do is to re-secure the entry points, through the help of a window repair company, like Suburban Glass Service Inc. Here are some things to consider when having your window repaired:


Measuring the overall dimensions of the damaged window is critical to assessing the level of work needed for the repair job.  When a window repair company, like Suburban Glass Service is called to secure the site, they will take measurements & determine the type of glass and/or aluminum that is needed to complete the repair.


The new window glass can be made of a tough material that will be stronger and harder to break than standard plate glass.  In the Belltown incident, the adventure store’s windows had a network of spider cracks emanating from the impact point but the fragments held together, which is how laminated glass breaks.  The restaurant’s windows had several large slivers, which was probably plate glass.  Tempered glass is 4 times stronger straight on than plate glass, but will fall out into a million pieces when finally broken leaving the opening unsecured.

Temporary Panels

Window glass repair professionals can remove the damaged glass and board up the openings to seal the interior against the elements. The measurements taken during the initial inspection will be considered for the final cutting or ordering of the replacement glass. Your store will remain secure while the replacements are being created.

When running your own business anywhere, always be ready for possible threats, such as intrusion and theft. When an incident happens—or before it does—make sure you don’t compromise your property. Have strong window glass installed by experts in window repair and replacement.


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