Spring Maintenance: Assess the Need for Indianapolis Window Repair

Springtime in Indianapolis means that parks like the Ellenberger Park and Holcomb Gardens are bursting with flowers. However, spring season also means spring cleaning for neat-conscious individuals. JournalStar.com Housewise columnist Lorene Bartos offers a few useful tips on how to get all that pesky dirt and dust out of your windows.

Time For Spring

“* Wash windows side to side on the inside; Up and down on the outside. If there are streaks, you will know which side to redo.
* Change water often.
* Avoid cleaning windows in direct sunlight, because this may cause them to dry too quickly and streak.
* Clean the corners of windows with cotton swabs.
* Wash exterior windows with a hose or clean water first to remove dust and grime.
* Scrub outside screens with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water. Allow to air dry.
* Refrain from using squeegees on textured or stained glass windows.
* Use appropriate cleaning solutions and equipment for successful window cleaning.”

Unfortunately, some locals may have worse problems than dusty windows, especially because of the brutal winter conditions that Indianapolis experienced early this 2014. In fact, a report on TheIndyChannel.com notes that the winter season of 2013-2014 was the third snowiest since records began. That in mind, it’s necessary for locals to assess damage to their windows and determine whether hiring Indianapolis window repair experts is necessary.

Wood window frames are particularly vulnerable to winter damage. Cold temperatures can shrink the wood materials, leading to gaps between the frames and siding. Locals who spot this problem with their windows can call on reliable window experts like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. for repair.

The frames, however, shouldn’t be the only thing for locals to worry about; there may be damage in the window glass itself too. At times, extreme cold temperatures mixed with warm temperatures from heating systems can cause window glass to develop cracks. To prevent the window pane from completely breaking, locals can apply duct tape over the cracks or call on professionals who offer window glass repair in Indianapolis as soon as possible.

Spring cleaning may be an age-old tradition, but windows that have been damaged during the winter season may need more than effective cleaning methods and agents. Fortunately, locals facing problems like cracked window panes can turn to experienced window contractors for service.

(Source: Time for spring cleaning for windows, Journalstar.com, April 12, 2014)