Signs that you’ll Be Needing Indianapolis Window Replacement Soon

Windows may seem to be pretty sturdy things, but years of continuous use can easily wear them out in many ways. You may recognize that opening and closing your windows may feel too difficult at times, and they may even occasionally give out when sufficient force is applied to open or shut them down.

Replace your Windows

Such issues aren’t worthy of mere repairs, but full-on replacement. Here’s how you can tell if you’ll be needing new windows from Indianapolis providers like Suburban Glass sooner or later.

Skyrocketing energy bills – HVAC bills didn’t seem like a pain in the neck a few years ago. Now, you break up a sweat whenever they arrive at your doorstep. What gives? A significant increase in energy costs is a direct result of either failing or already failed window seals. When those fail, gaps are formed, allowing hot or cool air to seep out needlessly. This then leads to energy wastage as your HVAC system is forced to work much harder to cool or heat your home.

Moisture leaks – If you wake up one chilly morning and notice a generous helping of moisture on the indoor side of the window pane, be concerned. All that moisture seeping inside can lead to additional property damage inside the home, like dry rot. This issue can be caused by three major culprits: either the window seals are failing or are already broken, the window itself was not installed correctly or you have too much humidity inside the home. For professional assistance, you’ll be needing the help of a certified Indianapolis window replacement pro (unless you consider yourself capable enough of performing the repairs).

Weathered looks – Most of the time, aged windows have chipped, deteriorating textures that either don’t match the rest of the home or pose a potential risk. For instance, wood-framed windows that haven’t been properly maintained for a long time may show irreparable rot that only a full-on replacement can solve.

Poor performance – If you open and close your windows, they’re supposed to stay that way until you or something else moves them. At times, that “something else” may pertain to ailing mechanisms that make them a pain to maneuver and far from working the way they should. If the rest of the window is in good condition, Suburban Glass can replace those operators or balances and put the windows back in working condition.

Unwanted drafts – Windows are supposed to protect you from the elements at all times as soon as they’re closed. If you feel a chill every time you walk past, sit or stand near your windows, then their weatherstripping has seen better days.

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