Shower Doors in Indianapolis Make Good Buys, if You Pick the Right One

Bathroom renovations can prove to be among the most lucrative renovation projects homeowners can undertake in late 2014 or early 2015. A Lubbock Avalanche-Journal article says that a midrange bathroom remodel can recoup as much as 72.5 percent of its cost when the house is sold. Among the most popular bathroom design trends are those details that can turn a master bath into a modern spa, like catchy stylish subway tiles and clear glass shower doors.

Given this, Indianapolis residents who are intent on making their homes a bestseller in a local real estate listing should consider sprucing up their bathrooms with a new glass door, from trusted suppliers of bathroom doors in Indianapolis like Suburban Glass.


Homeowners who simply want a more comfortable and relaxing bathroom should also consider these changes. Glass doors bring in more light, and can thus make any bathroom look more inviting. It can also reduce the need for expensive lighting fixtures. To achieve their desired results, though, buyers should remember to pick glass doors well, since they come in various sizes and styles.

For example, bathroom glass doors come either with frames or without, and each style has its own benefits. While a framed door gives homeowners more options to customize their bathroom, a frameless door is more durable and easier to clean. A frameless door is more difficult to install, however, mainly because of its heavier weight. For the best results, homeowners should work only with professional contractors who are experts in glass door installation.

Most glass shower doors in Indianapolis and elsewhere are either ‘clear’ or ‘obscure’. Clear glass, as the name implies, is transparent (completely or otherwise) which helps create a simple, minimalistic look at the expense of privacy.

On the other hand, obscure glass offers more privacy and comes in various designs and styles, which is a big plus in decorating a contemporary, spa-like bathroom. Considering that both glass types have their merits, the choice ultimately boils down to homeowners’ individual preferences.

They shouldn’t be pressured to make a decision, though, because their choice of bathroom door is sure to add value to their home. Even if they don’t intend to sell their property next year, homeowners will appreciate having a beautiful and relaxing bathroom that will help them look and feel their best.

(Source: Hot master bath trends for 2015 and beyond, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, November 29, 2014)

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