Remodeling Tip: Choosing the Right Shower Doors for Indianapolis Homes

The shower doors of Indianapolis bathrooms are an important part of bathroom remodeling. Most people often settled for shower curtains when first designing their bathrooms but if they are keen on doing a makeover, then having a glass shower door installed is one of the best ways to carry it out. However, it isn’t just a matter of picking the first shower door you see at Home Depot; there are quite a few factors you have to keep in mind when choosing a shower door.

First, there’s the choice of whether to get a frameless or framed shower door. Frameless shower doors have their advantages as Lawrence Karol’s article for Houzz points out:


“We like to use frameless shower doors for a couple of reasons,” says Mariette Barsoum of Divine Kitchens. “With a frameless door, there’s no visual separation, which makes the space larger. Plus, unlike framed doors, they don’t hide the beautiful tilework in the shower. Frameless doors also sport a cleaner, more modern look — and we like that.”

However, framed doors are easier to install and are more affordable. Additionally, the frame gives stability to the glass, making it more secure and a safer option. Deciding whether you want to lean towards style or dependability is what you have to decide on the framing of your shower door.

Second, you’ll have to decide on the glass of your shower door. The thickness of the glass is dependent on your frame choice; a framed shower will incorporate thinner glass, due to having a full perimeter frame to stabilize the door. Frameless glass doors are available from ¼ to ¾ of an inch. The thickness affects how smooth and stable the door will be. Additionally, you’ll have to decide whether the glass is going to be clear, frosted, opaque, or patterned. Buying standard shower doors can limit your choices, though. Fortunately, Suburban Glass, a local company, can provide custom shower doors for Indianapolis homes. We offer many choices of finishes and styles of hardware.

Finally, Suburban Glass, who installs shower doors for Indianapolis homes, will ensure that the door properly fits your shower. The measure of your shower enclosure is most important, since tempered glass cannot be changed in any way, after being tempered. Suburban Glass will accurately measure the width, height and the proper dimensions for hinge or pivot cutouts. Before Suburban Glass can measure, the homeowner needs to complete any changes to the bath enclosure. Additions like a back board or tile borders after the measure, can change the size of the enclosure, and you want to make sure your shower door is spot-on. To determine the size of a framed shower door, measure both width and height twice and use the smaller of the measurements to ensure that your shower door isn’t larger than the opening. The height is important, since you cannot cut down the glass in any way. So be sure that your measurements do not exceed the height of the waterproof walls.

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