Reduce Risk of Shattered Glass with Tougher Mirrors in Indianapolis

You’re probably familiar with the superstition that surrounds broken mirrors, particularly the one about seven years of bad luck. According to Mirror History, this notion can be traced back to Ancient Rome, when people believed that it took seven years for life to renew itself physically and mentally after seeing its reflection shatter.

Reduce Risk of Shattered Glass with Tougher Mirrors in Indianapolis

Whether or not you take this superstition to heart, keep in mind that a broken mirror can cause harm that is very real. A bad day may as well come in the form of stubbing your toe or heel on a sharp shard of glass when you least expect it. Fortunately, you can steer clear of such an unfortunate incident by choosing new or replacement mirrors with care.

Tougher Mirrors Today

On the bright side, homes and businesses establishments can count on a company like Suburban Glass to offer mirrors in Indianapolis made with tougher materials and in a wide variety of designs. Whereas people in ancient times had to make do with polished metal to see their reflections, today’s highly evolved art of mirror making—which entails the use of saws, abrasives, and metallic coatings—enable the creation of beautiful and durable mirrors of unsurpassed quality.

Replace, Not Repair

Aside from the common plate glass mirrors, a mirror supplier can strengthen a mirror with the addition of safety backing applied to the silvered backing, which will help hold the mirror together if broken. This application is most commonly seen on mirrored closed doors, but is also used for exercise mirrors and mirrors that are in areas where safety is a concern. For overhead or ceiling applications, acrylic mirror can be cut, fabricated and installed. The backing on any type of mirror is fragile and must be glued with the appropriate sealant to eliminate damage to the mirrored surface.

Whether you need a plate glass mirror or safety mirror, a trusted glass company in Indianapolis like Suburban Glass can offer you both. Quality mirrors in your home or commercial establishment will add beauty, and will last for many years if installed and cared for correctly.

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