How to Pick Indianapolis Shower Doors and Other Bathroom Remodel Tips

Whether it is for the sake of refreshing an outdated look or increasing the value of your home, everyone can agree that remodeling a bathroom is a quality investment. In fact, bathroom remodels yield some of the highest ROIs in the field of home improvement.

Shower Doors

Although most of the attention in bathroom remodels is focused on new countertops and plumbing fixtures, do not forget that these are only two parts of an entire bathroom. That in mind, here are a few other things you should think about when remodeling your bathroom:

Shower Doors

Beautiful shower doors from Indianapolis can easily make a shower look more spacious and elegant. According to an article from This Old House, there are many designs that can help achieve that effect:

“Shower doors and enclosures are a larger financial investment than those colorful swaths of plastic or canvas hanging from matching rings, so it’s important to consider which type suits your bathroom needs. Maybe it’s a swinging door with hinges; a curved enclosure for a challenging corner; a frameless contemporary model; textured glass; or perhaps customized panels to suit your particular style.”

There is no right or wrong style when choosing a shower door for your new bathroom. It all depends on your personal preference. If you have trouble deciding, you can always ask a glass company to craft you a personalized door.


Mirrors do not just give you something to look at while you are in the bathroom; they also help make your bathroom brighter and cheerful. If you have trouble assessing how big of a mirror to get, cut large pieces of paper into different shapes and sizes and tape them onto the wall where you intend the mirror to be.


It’s easy to forget about safety when redesigning a bathroom. Choose safety options like adding nonslip floor tiles or safety rails near the shower and toilet. This is especially important if you have elderly family members living in your home.

Whether your bathroom remodel plan calls for a new vanity mirror or glass shower doors in Indianapolis, be sure to deal only with trusted and experienced manufacturers like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. This assures you that the glass you purchase will be as high-quality as it is stunning.

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