Mirrors Made of the Best Indianapolis Glass Help You Look Your Best

Look your best in everything you do. Do so in front of a good mirror made of the best glass in Indianapolis.

Whether you’re heading out for a job interview or attending a party, you’ll want to look as good as possible. Although your character and credentials are important, how you present yourself on the outside also matters. After all, your approach to personal grooming can also speak volumes about your character.

Grooming Tips for Guys

Some studies back up the need to look good. A 2011 study spearheaded by Daniel Hammerhash, economics professor at the University of Texas, showed that attractive people could earn as much as four percent more than those with average looks. This points to an estimated $230,000 “good looks” bonus over one’s lifetime, depending on the job.

The preference for good looks, however, is more evident during job interviews. Researchers at the University of Messina in Italy found out that attractive male and female job applicants were 47 and 54 percent, respectively, more likely to advance to the next round of interviews.

It certainly pays to take a good look at the mirror every now and then. Although not a flawless surface, a mirror draws the most accurate display of anything or anyone in front of it. See what needs to be done before you head out for the day. Trim your facial hair, conceal those imperfections, apply your cosmetics, etc. The mirror will point out spots that need the most work.

While a small mirror would suffice, why stop there? Enhance the beauty of your room even while you’re busy prepping your visage for a busy day. Consider installing full-length mirrors in a small room so you not only can check yourself out from head to toe but also add the illusion of depth to that space. Choose a frame to go with the ¼” mirror for added beauty. The ¼” mirror will give you the best true reflection. Thinner mirror will have distortions when you view into it. You can turn to an Indianapolis glass company like Suburban Glass that offers custom-made frames.

You shouldn’t stop being yourself, although caring for your appearance appropriately won’t hurt. If people see that you take good care of your looks, you may benefit from what experts call the halo effect, making you look better than your peers. Allow a mirror to help you in your quest to be successful in life. It’s not guaranteed to make you richer, but at least you’ll make friends.

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