Indianapolis Windows Must Be Given Attention for Building Security

WTHR Channel 13 reports that the Indianapolis Metro Police are investigating a break-in at the Indiana Blood Center, which they found ransacked with a computer equipment missing, apparently taken by the intruders. So far, the IMPD has determined that someone broke a window glass by throwing a brick through it.  A stronger safety glass, used in doors, such as tempered or laminated cannot be broken as easily as standard window glass.  If the business or residence is susceptible to break-ins, then glass can be replaced in the windows that will make it much harder to break.  They have recovered blood and print evidence from the crime scene. The blood center stated that neither employee nor donor information was taken, or was ever accessible.


Break-ins and Burglaries

Any building is vulnerable to break-ins, whether commercial or residential. Protection from professional thieves would require intense and sophisticated security measures. Most of the time, burglaries committed by amateurs occur at properties that look vulnerable. These criminals are opportunists, after all, and want to be in and out in the least amount of time to lower their risk of being caught. Bolstering the security of your building is enough to discourage or deter most burglars.  Steel security doors will help to deter the burglar from trying to enter thru the doors.  Security rods are a must for sliding windows or patio doors.  All doors should be fitted with a heavy-duty deadbolt, in addition to the knob-lock handle or pull handle.. Having an alarm system, and secure locks coupled with sufficient vigilance will greatly help.

Additionally, there are many simple things you can do to enhance security. Having a guard dog is a good measure. Making it appear that someone’s in the home when you go out also helps deter burglars. You should also avoid announcing valuables inside the home (e.g. displaying boxes of newly-bought expensive items where they can easily be seen.

The Role of Windows

Windows in Indianapolis buildings are important to security. Doors are usually given more attention when it comes to security measures, so burglars turn to windows for easier access. In homes, the window above the kitchen sink is a common vulnerable spot, as are upper level windows, so keep your windows locked, especially in the summer when there is a temptation to leave the window open with just screen protection.  When leaving the home or business to run an errand, secure all windows & doors.  When the glass is broken, the locks become useless. That’s why it’s important to have broken windows repaired immediately. Companies like Suburban Glass are sure to provide you with services you need.

(Source: Computer equipment stolen in Indiana Blood Center break-in, WTHR Channel 13, Apr. 10, 2015)

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