Indianapolis Window Replacement and Other Tips for a Victorian House

The reign of Britain’s Queen Victoria, which lasted from 1837 to 1901, was kind of the British equivalent of the Italian Renaissance as numerous aspects of interior design, fashion, architecture, and other facets of art sprung during the period. For one, the Victorian-style architecture spread around the world mainly because of a movement following Queen Victoria’s reign. contributor Vanessa Brunner elaborates:

Although Victorian architecture is rooted in England, it quickly spread worldwide as British architects started to emigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Eventually, improved communications in the 19th century began to inform international architects of the latest and greatest styles and trends, and the Victorian influence grew.

If you’re looking to remodel your home’s exterior Victorian Era-style (or restore a damaged property to its former glory), here are some features unique only to Victorian Era architecture – some of which might prompt you to switch to more design-appropriate windows in Indianapolis from trusted providers such as Suburban Glass.

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Patterned bricks – Victorian Era homes often used a special method of brick bonding known as the Flemish Bond, a traditional method which became popular from the late 17th century onwards. It is characterized by an arrangement of bricks with their short sides (headers) and long sides (stretchers) facing outwards for every course (layer).

Towers and turrets – With these architectural features, most Victorian-style homes look more like medieval castles than actual homes. These uniquely designed rooms are often used as studies, bedrooms, or libraries, and were inspired by the looks of Gothic mansions that paved the way for early Victorian architectural designs.

Bay and sash windows – Victorian architecture is also known for the predominant use of bay windows, which are primarily characterized by three openings in angled projections. On the other hand, sash windows are identified by the way they are opened or closed, which is either to slide them up or down, and they were inherent components of conventional British architecture during that period. Sash windows were typically larger than bay windows, with six-paned vertical sliding mechanisms at most.

Asymmetrical overall design – Renowned for their uniqueness, Victorian homes sported structural aspects which were born out of the desire of old-time architects to use varied roof lines and asymmetrical designs. By doing so, architects gave each home a distinct feel to them.

Victorian Era-styled homes are known for unique qualities that aren’t present in any other architectural style. So whether it’s for a renovation or restoration project, ill-fitting features such as windows not in line with the Victorian style must be avoided by calling for professional window replacement in Indianapolis. With Suburban Glass’ professional guidance and services, you’ll be on your way to living in an elegant Victorian house.

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