Indianapolis Window Replacement: Tips on How to Choose the Perfect One

Windows are among your home’s most prominent exterior features. If your home’s façade is starting to look a bit drab, new windows are a great way to give your home that much-needed pizzazz. Regardless of your window design choice, you must always be sure that your new windows are in harmony with your home’s overall design.

Selecting the best design for your home

As any good shopper will tell you, you need to look at as many samples as you can before making a purchase. No two window designs are created equal, so do your research on the ones that pique your interest and be sure to consult an Indianapolis window replacement professional on the latest and best in the field. The best windows use top quality materials and the latest construction methods to guarantee they’ll look good for many years to come.

For your inspiration

If you’re having trouble selecting the ideal window designs for your home, consider these picks from Rowan Moore, The Guardian UK’s resident architectural critic. Moore ranks the three windows below among the top 10 best of all time.


North Rose Window
Notre Dame, Paris, 1250

There are rich colours and story-telling images that delight the inner child, but also the way that heavy minerals are assembled into a membrane that fuses matter and light. Added to which the patterns of tracery are, quite simply, elegant.

The Alhambra
Granada, Spain, 14th century

It would also not be hard to make a list drawn exclusively from the Alhambra, with its many variations of stone lattices and delicate arches. That the decorative work is filigree, exquisite and astonishingly skilful hardly needs saying.

Tugendhat House
Brno, Czech Republic, 1930

To build a wall entirely of glass was, in 1930, rare enough. In the Tugendhat House, Mies van der Rohe went further – planes of glass disappeared into the floor with the help of elaborate contraptions underneath.

Working with a capable window replacement expert is a must

Again, the idea here is to make sure your new windows mesh well with your home’s design. Of course, you’re always free to go wild with your choices, and there’s no reason your home’s windows can’t be as elaborate as the world’s most popular cathedrals’. However, if budget is a constraint, and windows that look exactly like Notre Dame’s North Rose Window is an impossibility, you can trust Indianapolis windows companies like Suburban Glass to get you close.

(Source: The 10 best windows, TheGuardian/TheObserver, Jul. 25, 2014)