Indianapolis Window Repair and Other Tips to Deal with Drafty Windows

A home with inadequately insulated windows is like a haven for wasted energy—and such inefficient windows are what local Indianapolis window repair pros regularly deal with and advise homeowners against. There are essentially two solution choices for homeowners with drafty windows—either repair them or replace them. However, there would be times when the latter choice presents a dilemma. contributor Laura Gaskill notes:

While it’s true that dual-pane insulating windows help keep the heat in during winter, there are times when old windows just can’t be replaced—perhaps you have a historic home with charming original features worth preserving, or you’re working on a tight budget. But just because you can’t bring in the latest and greatest new windows and doors doesn’t mean you must go without the energy savings.

Hence, here are a few tips on how to insulate drafty windows.

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Add Storm Windows – Many times the addition of storm windows will help to insulate the window openings. These can be stationary panels, except in the bedrooms where egress is necessary.  There are many colors of framing available to meet your homeowner association requirements.

Apply weather-stripping – Homeowners looking for a quick and easy solution can look to specialized weather-stripping to do the job. Available at local hardware or home improvement stores, these predominantly plastic weather stripping materials should be properly applied along the sides of the window sashes.

Add a draft snake – Draft snakes or draft stoppers are commonly placed at the bottom of drafty windows. These nifty solutions are available online and can also be crafted using a tube of fabric filled with dry rice. To put the draft snake on the area of the draft, it must be cut to length and carefully placed on the sill.

Use window-insulating film – Window insulating films are used to insulate the entire glass surface of each window. Quite inexpensive, insulating film is also readily available at local stores as a part of a kit. Applying insulating film requires more than one pair of hands, as one person would have to tape the corners in place, and another would be in charge of using a hair dryer to make it stick to the glass surface.

Add rope caulk – Window sashes are known to shrink with age, which leaves room for drafts to come in regularly. Homeowners need to remember that not all of the drafts come from the windows themselves, but from the framing as well. For quicker fixes, an adequate amount of rope caulk must be applied to any visible crack. By applying caulk, an instant reduction in drafts should be noticeable.

These are only a handful of potential window insulation methods. In the event that the abovementioned solutions don’t work or you have a seriously damaged window, you can count on quality window glass repair in Indianapolis from trusted companies like Suburban Glass.

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