When Indianapolis Window Repair No Longer Works, It’s Replacement Time

Blessed with around 187 days of sunshine each year, Indianapolis is a truly bright and hot city. During a hot, sunny day, homeowners combat heat by leaving their air conditioning systems on for hours, causing monthly bills to soar. It could get worse if there are broken windows leaking cool air.

The first solution to leaky windows is to hire Indianapolis window repair experts. If the leak becomes frequent and expert repair no longer seems effective, however, it’s a sign that you need to replace your windows immediately to prevent your bills from ballooning. When you go for replacement, however, consider purchasing replacement windows with low-emissivity glass panes.

What is Low-E Glass

An article for PPG.com explains how low-e glass works and why it is considered a crucial component of windows. To more easily understand it without going through the complex science and math of low-e, just think of low-e glass as having a super-thin film that provides additional protection to your home against the sun’s light and heat. You might ask: aren’t the glass panes in windows made to protect homes from the elements, including sunlight?

It’s true that your home windows are designed not just to decorate your home or provide an opening, but also to protect you from harmful radiation coming from the sun. The problem is that there are some types of radiation from the sun that typical window panes cannot protect your home from. Ultraviolet radiation and infrared light are among the most common.

UV radiation is what diminishes the color and strength of your curtains, upholstery, and furniture, while infrared light is what makes your home hot during midday. Both radiations are capable of destroying your investment very quickly, not to mention increasing your monthly consumption of electricity. With low-e glass panes, your windows can better protect your home interior from such costly damage.

Low-e windows indeed have a microscopically thin coating on their surface that prevent heat from getting in or out of your home. Most high-quality window panes now come with this feature, although other windows are outfitted with a different type of energy-saving feature. These windows are the best to choose if you want to prolong the life of your investment.

No other team can help you install your newly purchased low-e windows like professional window installers can. Indianapolis window glass repair and replacement companies, such as Suburban Glass, don’t just have skilled installers who can affix the new windows to their respective sills, they also can provide a wide selection of windows with the highest quality low-e windows in the city. With this, you can be sure that after installation, your home and everything in it will be safer from the sun’s rays than ever before.

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