Indianapolis Window Repair Experts Needed in Weatherproofing Homes

Indiana has recently been on the receiving end of a weather disturbance, with mostly light to heavy rainfall cutting through several cities in the state—which also came with a significant (and rather disturbing) helping of winds.

Central Indiana was one of the most-hit areas in terms of strong winds toward the latter part of November. As Michael Auslen of reports:


The National Weather Service posted a wind advisory from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday. The area affected 33 Central Indiana counties, including Marion County and surrounding ones.

Expect wind at 30 mph with gusts topping 45 mph, the advisory says. Conditions likely will be worst in the late morning.

Winds at this level can make driving more difficult, especially for semitrailer trucks and other large vehicles. The National Weather Service also warns that weak trees could be blown over.

This kind of weather had been going on as early as the first two weeks of November. It was caused by a cold mass of air hailing from Canada which swept through the entire state and cooled temperatures down from the 50s to the 30s in a matter of hours. What followed was the proliferation of rain and wind.

Everyone knows that with such weather come potential weather-induced damages in homes, which couldn’t have come at a worse time. Winter in Indiana this year through early next year had been forecasted to be colder than normal, and broken or damaged windows will certainly be of little help in keeping the cold out.

To avoid chilly and drafty winter nights, make sure to have your windows inspected and all damages repaired. Local Indianapolis window repair pros can offer advice on sealing drafty doors and windows, especially on how to properly use materials such as vinyl or rubber weather-stripping.

In addition to this, professionals can also help with leaky windows, through which water and cold drafts can enter. These leaks can be dealt with using simple fixes such as applying sealant foam, or any other method that could effectively patch up the leaks.

However, things can get much uglier with wind gusts. The speed of the gusts that hit Central Indiana in November—45 mph—already packed enough power to hurl debris at everything breakable, like window panes. When worse comes to worst, professional Indianapolis window glass repair specialists from firms like Suburban Glass can be called in for the necessary solution, and keep homes safe from the threats of winter.

(Source: Strong Winds, Possible Snow Chase Record Rain¸, November 24, 2014)

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