Indianapolis Bathroom Design: Upgrade with Glass Shower Doors?

When it comes to modern bathroom designs, it is not uncommon to see shower spaces covered by clear glass enclosures, especially if the bathroom is quite small.  The clear glass will allow you to see your beautiful tile walls, as well as make the room seem larger.

Indianapolis Bathroom Design Upgrade with Glass Shower Doors

The layout of the bathroom or the style of your home may determine the type of glass for your shower enclosure.  If you have a stand-alone, walk-in shower, glass doors will prevent excess splashing, as well as, complement the overall bathroom décor. If you have a shower-and-tub combination, consider using a sliding shower door for ease of entry and to conserve on space.

Shower Enclosures

In addition, shower enclosures are available with obscure or patterned glass because they offer more privacy. This feature is very useful, especially if there is more than one resident in the home and there is a pressing need to use the bathroom at the same time.  From framed to frameless, from standard ¼” to heavy ½” glass, there are many choices available to create that “Wow” factor in your new or updated bathroom.

In the end, the choice is dependent on your needs, so be sure to purchase your shower glass from only trusted suppliers in Indianapolis, like Suburban Glass Service Inc., who have much experience in the business and know how to outfit your bathroom with every look in the book.

Safety and Maintenance

Any glass that is used in a shower enclosure, like shelves, walls or doors must always be tempered or laminated glass for safety.  You cannot cut or alter the glass after the tempering process.  Therefore, the measuring is critical before the glass and/or doors are ordered.

To aid in keeping your shower doors looking good as new, surface protection systems are available to repel both water and oils.  With the swipe of a cloth or squeegee after each usage, your glass and doors will maintain that new look.  Every few weeks, clean the glass with a dampened cloth & a mild glass cleaner.  Do not use acidic or caustic cleaners.  Never allow any cleaners to remain on the hardware portions of the shower enclosure, as this can damage the anodizing of the metals.