How It’s Done: Preparing Your Home Right for a Window Replacement Job

Once you’ve chosen your new window glass and the Indianapolis contractor who will install them, you may think your work is done. There are, however, a few extra simple tasks you can perform to ensure that your installation project goes smoothly for both you and your contractor.

Window Replacement

Clear a Path

The area in front of and around your windows needs to be clear, as should the path that leads to them. Your contractor will need to be able to safely carry the old window glass out of your home and the new ones to their designated spots. Make sure there are no tripping hazards or narrow spaces between him and his goal. You should also remove outdoor obstructions such as lawn furniture that may get in the way of ladders and work crews.

Remove Window Treatments

Curtains, blinds, stained-glass hangings and other decorative items should be removed from your windows before the workers arrive. Doing so saves time and protects both you and the contractor from any damage befalling items you wish to reuse on your new windows. Though you may need to remove curtains and blinds, the hardware that supports them can often be left in place. Security sensors for alarm systems should also be removed as well as pictures and wall hangings that are close to the window.

Consider Drop Cloths

Replacing window glass can be dusty, dirty work, so it’s a good idea to lay drop cloths or old sheets down under the windows to protect your carpets and flooring. Speak to your contractor before doing this, however, as some insist on laying their own drop cloths and tarps to avoid liability issues. Others may simply lay their protective cloths over yours.  A glass contractor, like Suburban Glass Service, will always strive to minimize the inconvenience of performing this work.

Make Access Arrangements

If you won’t be available to let your window glass contractor into your home, please make arrangements in advance to ensure that someone else is. Sometimes a contractor can arrive early enough that you can let him in before you leave for work. If that is not possible, ask a neighbor to be available or leave a key with the contractor before the work is scheduled. Whatever arrangements you make, inform the contractor beforehand so he knows what to expect upon arrival at the job site.

These are the steps you can take to prepare your home for window replacement. Following them saves time and minimizes the risks of damage to your personal items.

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