Glass Shower Doors in Indianapolis Offer Value and Long-Term Benefits

Using glass shower doors in Indianapolis and in many other places around the world has become quite a trend. It’s been a staple bathroom fixture ever since people discovered its numerous advantages in looks as well as purpose. If you’re in the midst of bathroom renovation or considering having one, then you might want to know the benefits and drawbacks of using  a glass door for your shower.

Glass Shower Doors

Aesthetic Purposes

One of the main benefits of having a glass shower door is its massive contribution to your bathroom aesthetics. Nothing can parallel the level of sophistication that glass brings. Regardless of the theme of your bathroom decorations, glass doors can easily blend in to complement your design.

Durability and Flexibility

Many people worry about the durability of glass shower doors. However, though made of glass, these doors are especially tempered to avoid shattering from accidental bumps or force. As for flexibility in design, you can always use different types of decorative glass for your glass shower enclosure and door. Contact glass companies like Suburban Glass Service, Inc., who offers free consultation. They can help you in finding the right product from among the many glass shower doors for Indianapolis homes.

Added Value

It is not common knowledge that installing glass shower doors will add value to your home. Since not all people have glass shower enclosures, homes installed with one, command a higher price in the real estate market.

Price vs. Value

The biggest drawback with installing glass shower doors is its price. However, if quality, ease of maintenance and added value to your home is considered, they definitely outweigh the cost. Think about them as investments that offer long-term benefits.

Water Leaks

Since glass shower doors require gaps underneath to protect the glass and floor, people are worried that water might leak on the bathroom floor, which can cause accidents and damage to property.  Vinyl stripping across the bottom of your shower door should eliminate this problem. If your shower threshold is installed correctly, with a 1/8” slant toward the inside pan, most of the water will run back to the inside.  Showers outfitted with jetted water sprayers can cause a problem if aimed at any of the glass that is not sealed.   Express this concern to your contractors so they can address this during the installation period.


Glass shower doors are not difficult to maintain, especially with the surface protection coatings that can be applied at the factory.   After each use, a simple swipe with a squeegee, will help maintain that brand new look.  Clean it every few weeks by using a cloth and a mild detergent or a non-ammoniated glass cleaner to remove any stains and restore its shine. Never use highly acidic, gritty, abrasive cleaners or sponges that will harm the coating.

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