Glass for Class: Mirror Decorating Ideas for Every Room in the House

Mirrors have always been used to magically create space, and are thus used in interior design to make smaller rooms look larger. They can be designed with decorative frames, or shaped intricately and hung to resemble artwork. They can be the focal point of a room, or the chic piece that helps tie everything together.

Indeed, glass mirrors, when arranged to harmonize with the other elements in the room, can make a room look classier. If you want to use this accessory to make a tasteful, decorative statement, play around with these following ideas for every room in your house:


Even a small powder room or shower can look ten times more gorgeous when you decorate it with a beautifully crafted mirror. For larger bathrooms, the glass décor can make the space feel grander.

Where in the bathroom: Above the vanity (in place of medicine cabinet), across from a window (to reflect light or beautiful sceneries).


Utility and style both make mirrors a permanent item in bedrooms. You can place virtually any kind of mirror in the bedroom—from full-length or floor mirrors propped in a corner or fixed onto a wall, to compact ones hung beside picture frames or above a dresser.

Where in the bedroom: Above your headboard, on bedside tables (symmetrical arrangements), in a corner of the room.

Living Room

When framed by materials like wood or metals, mirrors in a living room make the space more inviting and relaxed. They let you maximize natural light. They can also look like a precious collection, especially if they’re arranged like a collage on a wall.

Where in the living room: Above seats, above the fireplace, along the staircase wall.

Dining Room

These versatile pieces also brighten up dining rooms and make dinner parties or gatherings more posh. Other than a lengthy mirror, you can also try decorating with a series of round mirrors, a striking sunburst mirror, or a collection of geometric glasses.

Where in the dining room: Above the dining table, or along the length of one wall


The trend in designing the heart of the home is to decorate it like your living room—that is, a grand mirror certainly has a place among your kitchen implements and appliances. (Disclaimer: If you use your kitchen a lot, but won’t like the extra cleaning chores, don’t put a mirror anywhere near a burner or stove.)

Where in the kitchen: Above the counters (in place of wall cabinets), over the sink or in cabinet doors (making the room seem larger).

Work with a reputable glass company in Indianapolis, such as Suburban Glass Service Inc., to find the right accent pieces for your home, or customize one to suit your style needs.


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