Fortifying Patio Doors in Indianapolis Structurally and Tactically

Many patio doors are big enough for burglars to enter without picking the lock. A burglar can cut the glass open or smash it in if the door lacks essential security features. As much as a full glass panel looks good on your patio door, it is also rather vulnerable to unlawful entry.

Patio Doors

For this reason, a lot of doors and windows are designed with minimal surface areas in mind. Patio doors today can still be enhanced with glass, but security grids may help stop burglars from smashing their way in while preserving visibility. These grids add aesthetic points to the patio door without making the space within look like a jail cell.

However, in this state, the patio door is still vulnerable, especially if the lock is within reach. A craftier burglar may simply break the closest true-divided lite of glass and reach for the lock, especially if it’s just a bolt lock. A keyed interior lock will deter burglars, since the safety grids and this type of lock will make it almost impossible to gain entry.

Some more common solutions would be to add sophisticated locks, as well as placing a lock beyond arm’s reach or installing a safety bar. For full security, you might want to invest in impact-resistant glass for the patio door. Tempered glass is the type of glass that has been installed in most doors, according to the safety code. A stronger type of glass, laminated , can be broken, but will hold together, whereas tempered will fall into a million pieces. Tests show a ¾-inch pane can resist a half-pound weight dropped from 36 feet; normal glass, in comparison, breaks from a height of about three feet. Your existing patio door must be constructed to accept the change of glass, due to weight considerations. It could affect the operation of the door if too much weight is added to the existing door.

Glass companies like Suburban Glass can replace your door with a sturdier one. Remember, however, that stronger glass alone won’t deter intruders. Doors in Indianapolis must also be strong, both structurally (think robust frame and glass) and tactically (with multiple locks and alarm systems).

Intruders also take advantage of broken hinges and other faults. Make sure your door is working as intended; otherwise, be sure to schedule an appointment with Suburban Glass Service, an Indianapolis door repair expert.

Ensuring your household’s safety involves more than the usual precautionary measures such as investing in locks and making sure you leave no doors open at night or whenever you’re away. You also have to make sure your front door is free from any security risks by carrying out the necessary glass replacements.

(Source: “How to Keep Burglars from Entering Your Home through your Patio Doors,” Horizon Magazine, October 24, 2014)

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