Factors in Choosing Decorative Glass for Doors in Indianapolis Homes

For many, the most elegant and decorative front doors that really make an impression are those with stylish glass inserts. Unfortunately, choosing glass fixtures for your entry doors isn’t as simple as a matter of aesthetics—living in the most populous city in Indiana, it isn’t surprising that Indy residents are constantly concerned about the security of their homes. So what should you look for when choosing decorative glass for Indianapolis doors?

front door glass


From the start, you’ll want to make sure that the glass you choose wouldn’t be easy to break into. However, durability plays another role, that is, in energy-efficiency, because even the tiniest cracks in the glass could eventually lead to air leaks that can significantly increase your power bills. To make sure that you get excellent quality glass, trust reputable manufacturers like Suburban Glass.


Next, you’ll have to decide just how much light you want streaming through the door and into your entrance hallway. If you have a relatively dark foyer and you want to illuminate it through the door, choose glass that allows for optimum light penetration, and you might want to opt for clear, uncolored glass, too.


An article in thedecoratingideasite.com recommends that you also look into your glass caming:

Caming is the metal banding that joins the decorative areas of the glass together. It can have a huge impact on the overall look of the entry of your home. Caming comes in a variety of finishes depending on the design and manufacturer, so be sure to match the caming in the door to the finish on your door hardware and outside lighting for a cohesive exterior look.


Likewise, the overall privacy or opaqueness of the glass should also be taken into account. Basically, you should think about Indianapolis glass shower doors when choosing your door glass as you probably wouldn’t want anyone outside the shower seeing everything happening inside. Here’s what the article mentioned above has to say:

Obscure glass only allows a view of shadows and color with no distinguishable shapes. Privacy ratings can help you understand the opacity of the glass. A privacy rating of 1 equals clear glass, while a privacy rating of 5 is somewhere in between clear and obscure. For ultimate privacy, go for a rating of 10!

Of course, you should also consider the design of your door’s decorative glass, after all, it helps create a first impression of the overall beauty of your home. The layout of the home entrance will determine if privacy glass is necessary. The beveled edges of each piece of glass will sparkle when the sunlight shines through. Nonetheless, in your search for style, never take other factors for granted, nor should you ignore them completely.

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