Energy-efficient Replacement Windows in Indianapolis mean Summer-ready

Summer is a time for Indianapolis locals to make those dreams of travel to exotic destinations come true. However, there are those who prefer to stay at home. These “staycationers” may want to consider a few maintenance tips from Jana Randall of to keep their home in tiptop shape for the summer.

Clean gutters

Cleaning gutters regularly will help prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks. It is recommended that gutters are cleaned twice a year: once at late fall/early winter, after all of the leaves have fallen and prior to the first snowfall, and once at late spring/early summer after flowers, seeds and blossoms are done blowing off.

Window check

Ensure that the hot summer heat stays outside by checking and maintaining your home’s windows. One of the key items in window maintenance is routinely checking the sealants. Ensure that both inside and out are secured, and caulk any open areas in between. Also, check weather-stripping for any faults and replace it immediately if there is an issue. Taking care of windows will keep your home looking and feeling good.”

Caulking windows helps ensure that the cool air from the air conditioning system does not escape while, say, a family watches big events like the Indy 500 on their TV. However, this effort is sometimes not enough to ensure a cool home, especially when the windows already bear too many defects. In this situation, local homeowners can consider replacement windows for Indianapolis homes.

Energy-efficient Replacement Windows in Indianapolis mean Summer-ready

When choosing new windows though, locals may remember that back in July, 2012, local temperatures reached as high as 105 degrees in the city. While the outlook for this summer isn’t as hot as that, it’s a smart move for locals to go for energy-efficient windows in Indianapolis to prepare themselves for the worst. This way, they can have an enjoyable staycation for the rest of the summer.

There’s confusion though on what makes windows energy-efficient. Some homeowners think that these windows’ main purpose is to keep energy costs down, but this only tells part of the story. These windows also work to keep the hot air out and the cold air in. Indy locals have to keep an eye out on solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC, which measures how well windows block heat from the sun. The lower the value, the less heat comes in through the window.

Locals who are staying home for the summer need to check if their windows can do a good job of keeping heat away and cool air in. If not, they can rely on the window installation services of reliable companies like Suburban Glass.

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