Emergency Window Glass Repair in Indianapolis: Trust Only the Experts

The humid continental climate of Indianapolis entails warm summers, cold winters, and occasional drops in temperature during spring and autumn. Like the rest of the region, Indy is also susceptible to severe weather changes—including a long storm line-up with threats of tornado build-up. An article from Indy Star describes the effects of an EF-1 tornado that local residents experienced in the middle of this year.

Several homeowners in a Far Westside neighborhood scurried for cover as the twister tore off chunks of siding and ripped holes in roofs. An RV was tossed into one man’s home.

For others, the threat brought about an hour of uneasiness and concern as word spread that the storm was cutting a path across Northern Indianapolis and its suburbs.

The storm that swept through Indianapolis and two surrounding counties brought heavy downpours, high winds, threats of flooding and one confirmed tornado, according to the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

The Weather Service gave the tornado a rating of EF-1 with estimated winds of 100 mph. The Enhanced Fujita scale assigns ratings to tornadoes based on estimated wind speeds and related damage with the highest, an EF-5, carrying winds of more than 200 mph.

Despite the best precautions, Indianapolis homeowners still suffer the nasty effects of such a weather disturbance. Indeed, the above incident left various homes and establishments damaged. Some of the common sights include broken windows in both residential and commercial areas.

ef-1 tornado hits metro area

Damaged window glass causes massive inconvenience and safety issues, to say the least. The rule of thumb is for property owners to clean up the affected areas as soon as it is safe to do so. However, it is not advisable to go in unless one is equipped with proper clothing such as boots and gloves to avoid accidentally stepping on scattered pieces of broken glass.

The moment the sky clears up, property owners would do well to look for an Indianapolis window repair and installation expert like Suburban Glass. Leaving damaged window glass unrepaired, after all, poses a security risk as looters are bound to take advantage of this fact.

When it comes to window glass repair in Indianapolis, trust only experienced technicians who can make your windows look as good as new and even carry out emergency repairs at any time of day or night. You can sleep more soundly knowing that your home or commercial establishment is safe from the elements and intrusion with quality window glass installed.

(Source: EF-1 tornado hits metro area, Indy Star, June 2014)