Doors in Indianapolis can be Made of Anything to Suit the Homeowner

Your house’s front door is what welcomes friends and visitors, while making a statement about your personality. Both the color and the material contribute to the image of doors in Indianapolis, apart from their design. To provide some guidance on this matter, Style at Home writer Martha Breen gave a rundown of the available door materials that would impress any house guest.

Front Door

Nothing screams a tough persona more than a steel door. Relatively inexpensive, steel doors are durable, more secure than wood, and won’t warp, twist, or crack. However, steel doors are heavy, can get quite hot in extreme weather, and are susceptible to denting. If the door were to be scratched, rust would originate from the impact area.

Similar to aluminum siding, aluminum doors are lightweight and come in baked-on enamel colors that won’t fade or rust. Unlike steel, aluminum doors do not build up any heat and won’t transfer that heat into your home. However, similar to steel, aluminum doors are prone to denting and are expensive to replace.

Literally the most flexible material for doors, fiberglass resists damage and can be painted to mimic the appearance of wood. The only downside of fiberglass doors is that they have to be repainted every so often, making them more expensive to maintain than steel.

Wood Veneer
Known also as wood composite doors, these offer homeowners the best of both worlds – the appearance of wood and the durability of a synthetic material. Composite doors are probably as expensive to maintain as real wooden doors, but they are guaranteed to last longer.

Genuine Wood
For the traditionalist, there is the mystique of wooden doors made of anything from mahogany and teak to hemlock and pine. Certain wood variants have been known to resist the elements better than manmade materials. Advanced milling and construction techniques have made the wooden doors of the 21st century sturdier without affecting their authenticity and natural appeal. The only drawbacks of wooden doors are the lack of insulation and the periodic repainting required.

Experts in door repair from Indianapolis like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. highly recommend choosing a door material that complements the style and character of the house. Selecting an inappropriate door would be like putting on a shirt with the wrong side out: it could distract and even drive people away.

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