Decorating with Glass in Indianapolis: On Space, Light, and Mirrors

There are many different ways through which you can improve the lighting quality and space of your nice house in Indy, and most of these include costly renovations and time-consuming processes—why not just use mirrors to do the trick? Yes, with Indianapolis glass fixtures like hall mirrors, you can make your home look more spacious and illuminated.

Decorating with Glass in Indianapolis

Large Mirrors, Tiny Rooms

Sometimes, size is all about perspective; hanging a large mirror inside a relatively small room creates the illusion of depth, and it allows for maximum reflection of light. An example would be hanging a big mirror over a dining room table to reflect light from an overhead chandelier or other fixtures. You can even take it all the way and get a wall-to-wall mirror instead.


When it comes to asking where to put your mirrors, you have quite a few options (except the usual spot in your bathroom, of course). For one, you can place it behind your stovetop, since this is a relatively dark area that doesn’t get any decorations often. Another trick is to place it on cabinet fronts to give the illusion of roominess.

Beyond Walls

SFGate contributor Renee Miller writes about how you could make use of mirrors without having to place them on your walls:

Mirrors don’t have to be hung on the walls to reflect light. You can brighten your interior spaces by placing mirrors throughout a room as well. For example, line the back of a book shelf or hang several mirrors on one wall. You can also buy furniture such as wardrobes, tables or chairs with reflective glass or chrome accents. Use smaller mirrors to line the backs of bookshelves, or find a set of mirrored coasters to reflect light and add sparkle to whatever you place on them, such as small candles or glass vases. Mirrored trays propped on top of mantles or placed on tables to hold centerpieces and other decorative items can also reflect light and brighten a space.

Natural Lighting

To amplify the natural light pouring into your home, arrange the mirrors so that they catch the sunlight at optimal angles. You can also direct sunlight into hidden, dark corners by adjusting the angle of your mirrors so that the reflection directly permeates the darkness.

Thanks to your trusted Indianapolis glass company, such as Suburban Glass, you can have custom made and fitted mirrors and other glass fixtures set up into your home. With these simple smoke and mirrors tricks, you can have a more spacious house without having to tear down some walls.

(Source: How to Use Mirrors to Bring Light Into a Room, SF Gate)