Damaged Indianapolis Windows Need Replacement by Trusted Professionals

Indianapolis, along with the entire Midwest and East Coast of the U.S., experienced one of the harshest winters in recent memory. A TheIndyChannel.com article published February 15, 2014 details just how extreme this winter got. It writes:

“The 5.5 inches of snow that fell at Indianapolis International Airport on Friday brings the seasonal total (December-February) to 50.5 inches.

That’s just a half-inch short of the all-time record of 51.0 inches of snow that fell during the 1981-1982 winter.

It’s possible Indianapolis could get another inch or two of snow Saturday night into Sunday morning, which would break the all-time record for the season and could push into third-place all time for the snow year total.”

This means that a lot of insulation systems were put to the test this past winter. It is also possible that the cold and heavy precipitation levels caused some Indianapolis windows to break.

Damaged Indianapolis Windows Need Replacement by Trusted Professionals

However, it is important to consider some factors before you can say that your windows need replacement and you need to call a reliable contractor to do the job. If the window is more than twenty years old, then chances are that they will need an upgrade. Hard-to-open windows and drafty windows will also need immediate replacement.

If you feel that your windows definitely need to be changed, then you need to call an Indianapolis window replacement service to do the job. Businesses like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. can increase the curb appeal of the home. Their insulation properties can effectively help in keeping the home warm during cold days and keep it cool during warm evenings.

The recent winter reminded everyone just how important proper insulation is. Homeowners looking to upgrade their windows should call a trusted contractor to have them changed.

(Source: Indianapolis likely to break snowfall record soon, TheIndyChannel.com, February 15, 2014)