Considerations for Window Repair in Indianapolis for Historic Homes

Just like any home improvement project, any alteration you make to your windows would have to be studied carefully. As Consumer Reports correspondent Kimberly Janeway suggests, you have a lot of considerations to make before pushing through with window repairs or replacements. Here’s one of the dilemmas presented in Janeway’s article and some expert advice on how to tackle it:

Replace Your Window

My historic home has its original windows. Should I replace them?

Windows help define your home’s look and can be an important architectural detail. Replacing windows, especially ones with stained or leaded glass or decorative wood grilles, can lower the house’s value. Ask yourself, will the new windows fit your home’s style or detract from it? Consider our tips for improving energy efficiency. Your local preservation commission may provide guidelines and suggest skilled craftsmen and contractors who can do repairs.

When you have a historic home or a heritage property, you can’t simply tinker with the original windows. Here are some vital considerations you have to make before seeking window repair in Indianapolis:

Be prompt in sealing and repairing broken glass.

When the glass breaks from natural calamities or man-made causes such as vandalism, you have to board up the windows or replace them promptly. That way, you can protect your cherished home from outside elements and prevent too much energy leaks. Broken or missing glass can be easily replaced with durable, highly reliable, and energy-efficient products.

Check for the tell-tale signs of rot.

Consumer Reports experts have the following advice when it comes to the damage sustained by windows over time:

Inspect your windows for decay. A pro might be able to repair rot, jammed sashes, and broken parts. See signs that water has penetrated around the frame? The windows need to be removed and repaired before they rot.

Wooden frames frequently succumb to molds and dry rot, especially if your home is located somewhere humid or prone to storms. When you spot these weak spots on your windows, you can’t let them go untreated. Have a contractor determine the extent of the decay and perform the necessary repairs.

A professional company that specializes in window glass repair in Indianapolis and Whiteland such as Suburban Glass Service, Inc. will preserve as much of the original window architecture as possible. These experts can provide quality products and make any improvements seamless, so you won’t have to strip off the charming character that your windows have given to your home.

(Source: When to repair and when to replace your windows, Consumer Reports, September 22, 2014)