Clearer and Brighter: Installing New Windows for an Auto Dealership

Auto dealerships need every tool and opportunity to show customers their latest vehicles on the showroom floor. Part of that challenge is to bring more natural light into the dealership workplace while making things more comfortable for the sales personnel working the rounds. That involves choosing and installing new windows.

Making sure an auto dealer is “open” to the light cannot be stressed enough for such places in Indianapolis. Almost every dealership has the common formula of big structures and a wide-open lot, with the facades having large expanses of glass. When you need a clearer enclosure for your own dealership, count on companies like Suburban Glass Services, Inc (SGS) to help you seize the day.

Temperature Considerations

A special manual by the Department of Energy stated that auto dealerships have large amounts of window area. That space, however, is the problem: the entry of natural light tends to stress the dealership’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. A preferred commercial window contractor may address this by recommending the installation of new energy-efficient windows that can admit enough natural light while minimizing heat gain/loss and UV radiation. You may want to consider upgrading the door glass to a more energy-efficient product, as well.

The Sound of Broken Glass

Some dealerships are vulnerable to very brazen auto thefts, as was the case at a local Chevy place in April, 2015 when a Camaro Indy 500 replica pace car was stolen by being driven right through a showroom window. The management was forced to board up the shattered window for the meantime. A contractor specializing in window replacement like SGS can be relied upon for such an emergency, by temporarily boarding up the openings where the glass and aluminum storefront was. This will buy both sides time to plan out a replacement while ensuring that the business continues to function.

When people want to see their choices of cars at the nearest dealership, all it takes is setting up the environment to make them more comfortable when closing a deal. Setting up the place with high-quality windows and climate-control systems can go a long way to making it happen. Consult your window specialist today.


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