Classic to Modern Elegance: Beveled Glass and Mirrors

Have you ever seen one of those old buildings with beautifully intricate glass windows? The glass will often have textured and clear panels laid out in complex patterns. As the light shines through, it exhibits a prismatic effect. Sunlight splits into a rainbow of colors as it dances on the floor and walls.

Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is an elegant choice for many homes. Depending on the style you choose, you can go with an elegant, Victorian inspired creation or something more modern. Beveled glass is ideal for use in windows and mirrors. It’s an attractive option that brightens your interiors while providing an ample amount of privacy.

Understanding Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is inspired by medieval stained glass windows. It can have some colored tints, but it focuses on the prismatic effect of clear glass.

A thick piece of glass is cut at an angle at the surface – this is the bevel. The bevel is responsible for the rainbow light effect produced. As sunlight shines through it, it diffracts into a multitude of colors.

Beveling the edges of simple shapes such as ovals and rectangles create a nice frame, but intricate designs are also possible. By combining various pieces of beveled glass, the glassmaker produces stunning designs for doors and windows. The glasscutter combines smaller panels into a solid piece by using metal edging techniques.

Adding Beveled Glass in Your Home

Before you go out and have all of your windows replaced with beveled glass, take some time to prepare the work area. Beveled glass is a work of art. You want to be extra careful when having it installed to avoid damaging it.

You can add beveled glass to mirrors, windows, sidelights, and doors. Here at Suburban Glass Service, Inc, we provide custom beveled glass available in a variety of sizes. To learn more about it and our other products, contact us today.