Choosing Windows in Indianapolis that Match Home’s Architectural Style

When it comes to window replacement, aligning the window style to the home’s architectural style is important to fulfilling the intended aesthetic purpose. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are aware of this. contributor Arrol Gellner shares as much in an article dated May 20, 2011.

Home's Architecture

“I recently came across a nice 1960s-era California Rancher that had been “upgraded” with new windows and doors. The trouble was, every single replacement evoked a different architectural style, none of which was, alas, appropriate for a Rancher.

The original aluminum window in the living room had been gracefully divided into three parts, but its replacement was a single huge, doughy-looking vinyl picture window. An adjacent sliding door, on the other hand, had been swapped for a vinyl one with fake Colonial-style divided lites.

Another nearby window had the now-inescapable Craftsman style divided lites with crisscrossed corners. To top it off, the original clean-lined Rancher front doors had been replaced by a pair of faux-Victorian leaded glass models with an ornate floral motif.

This kind of jumble is the building equivalent of striped pants, a Hawaiian shirt, and a houndstooth jacket.”

Indianapolis boasts a wide range of architectural styles. With such a diverse list of design aesthetics, it is indeed a bit tricky for all locals to know which style of windows in Indianapolis match their home’s architectural style. Still, there are a few house styles that stand out more than others; below are some considerations for these styles:


A house that bears a Federal architectural style is characterized by a low-pitched roof, a centered gable, and clapboard or brick siding. Federal homes have extremely noticeable symmetry, especially in their façade. To soften this symmetry, Palladian-style windows with an arched or semi-elliptical section in the center are ideal.


An Italianate-style home is primarily distinguished by its low-pitched roof consisting of wide and overhang eaves with brackets. The siding of Italianate houses are either stucco or stone, although wood siding are common as well. The ideal window replacement in Indianapolis for an Italianate architectural style is a narrow, double-hung window which can open from either top or bottom.


The Prairie-style home, pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright, is dominated by slightly sloped roof with low chimneys. Balconies and terraces are also common with this house style. As for the windows, clerestory windows are the most ideal.

To ensure the curb appeal of new windows, matching them with the right home architectural style is a must. Fortunately, window companies like Suburban Glass Service, Inc. offer a wide variety of window styles to complement any design aesthetic.

(Source: Match windows to home’s architecture,, May 20, 2011)