In Case of Leaks, Call the Experts on Shower Doors in Indianapolis

Don’t you just hate it when water leaks outside the shower or tub area despite your best precautions? Do you not loathe it even more when shower curtains do a poor job at preventing leaks?

In contrast, properly installed Indianapolis shower doors keep water within the shower area. A shower door may cost more to install, but seeing that it removes the time-consuming hassle of wiping up the floor after each use, it’s certainly worth every dollar. With the maintenance coatings that Suburban Glass can put on the inside of the glass, and with using a squeegee after each shower, the glass will stay clean and sparkling with only a weekly cleaning with standard glass cleaner…

replace a leaky shower curtain with a door

That said, shower door installation is best left to the experts like Suburban Glass who will take precise measurements for a good fit. The type of walls that the shower enclosure is being attached to, determines the type of enclosure to be installed. Extra blocking, in the walls and threshold is required for completely frameless heavy-glass shower doors. Semi-frameless shower doors can be installed on acrylic or fiberglass walls, thereby eliminating the framing around the glass doors for ease of cleaning.


Without adequate caulking, shower doors will leak. If the caulking is no longer adhering to the metal or the wall, then you may need to replace the old caulk. Unless you have a very minor crack in caulk, it is best to remove the old and re-caulk it for the best seal.

Door Sweep

Door sweeps are rubber or vinyl and are installed at the base of the door. They seal the gap between the bottom of the door and the top of the curb or threshold. If water is leaking through the bottom doorway, then the sweep may need to be replaced. The harshness of cleaning products can hasten the need to replace sweeps. Quickly rinse off the harsh cleaners on the sweep when cleaning the glass.


Whereas the door has a door sweep, the walls of some frameless enclosures have vinyl seals. The plumb condition of the walls determines if seals are needed. In most instances, unless the showerhead is aimed at the opening between the door and the panel or wall, seals are not needed. Plumb and level conditions of the tiled or solid-surface walls will eliminate the need for seals. Consult Suburban Glass, a top dealer and installer of shower doors in Indianapolis and surrounding counties, to ensure the best results.

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