Things to Consider in Window Glass Repair After a Break-in Incident

Stores always face the threat of being broken into and robbed, especially those with glass storefronts and windows that are easy to penetrate. When some unguided youngsters suddenly decide to go on a window-breaking spree—for some reason—your store could be an easy target. Some businesses in the city have been raided in past months, for instance, with gun or liquor stores among the favored ones. Read more »

Make a Grand (or Gracious) Entrance: Work with the Pros

Door Upgrade:

Make a Grand Entrance.

Needing more light in your entry, or just wanting to upgrade your fiberglass or steel door, in Indianapolis, it can be done. Suburban Glass Service, Inc. can cut an opening in your 6-panel door and insert new decorative glass. There are numerous glass patterns with choices of caming to enhance your home’s new look. Sidelights can allow light into your entry, but still provide some obscurity. The front door is a significant part of your home’s curb appeal, so planning the look and glass pattern of your door must be well thought out. You can have it customized to reflect your style and personality. Read more »


SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  It’s time to wash those windows & remove the winter residue.  It is also a good time to inspect your windows for broken glass or failed seals.  If you clean both sides of the glass & still see fogginess between the panes, then the seal on the insulated glass has failed.  Don’t panic, you can replace just the glass, and not the whole window.  Read more »