Windows Aren’t Just “Holes in the Wall”

Windows have an important function in your home, other than giving you access to outdoor views. The framework secures your comfort indoors, provides a decorative touch to your façade, and ensures your security.

Windows With Flower Boxes

So here are some reasons why you shouldn’t take house windows for granted.

Air and Sunlight Filtration

Let’s talk about the practical side of having windows first. With proper curtains or blinds, they enable you to control how much sunlight enters your home. You can also open them wide on breezy days and shut them tight on chilly nights.

Improved Aesthetics

You may take them for granted because of the everyday hustle and bustle. To visitors who are not used to seeing it every day, however, your windows may just be the element that enhances the appearance of your home, especially if they are French windows or framed with an elaborate design.

On a related note, strategically placed windows allows you to see what you need to focus on. For example, a window in the kitchen enables you to watch over the kids playing in the garden or wading in the pool, while you’re washing dishes or preparing a snack.

Alternative Entrance and Exit

Windows serve as an escape route when there is a fire or for any other circumstances that wouldn’t allow you to exit through the door. On the other hand, they serve as an entry point for when you forgot your keys and locked yourself out of the house.

All these are reasons to start appreciating windows a little more. You can opt for sliding, stationary, or double-hung windows, among others.

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Designer Tricks to Help Create an Illusion of Space in a Small Bathroom

A small bathroom could pose a big design problem. After all, how can you fit all the elements of a well-appointed bathroom without making the space too cramped?


Even if you don’t have space for a soaker tub or a large shower enclosure, there are other ways for you to turn your small bathroom into a charming and relaxing retreat. With the help of some clever interior design hacks, you can create the illusion of a larger space.

Strive for a Simplistic Design and Clean Lines

The trick to making an enclosed space appear spacious is to keep the décor clutter-free. Make sure you have the necessary storage solutions in place so you can stash any items away neatly, instead of leaving them on top of bathroom surfaces.

To add a sense of space to your small bathroom, incorporate elements that bring out simple, clean lines. For instance, you may want to consider adding glass shelving or a corner cabinet with a minimalistic design to make your bathroom look fresh and sleek.

Adding a Touch of Glamour and Elegance

When it comes to designing a small bathroom, be mindful of scale and proportion. While it may be tempting to add large paintings and an elaborate vanity to your bathroom, you may want to save them for a space that can accommodate it properly.

Strive for balance when deciding what to place in a compact room. For instance, a bath mat in a rich, jewel tone is an attractive design alternative — and it won’t even take up any space! Additionally, switching to a towel rack can also add texture and improve the look of your bathroom significantly.

Use Clear Glass to Your Advantage

Few things open a small space better than natural light. So, skip the elaborate window treatments and let as much light in as possible. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, make sure you have enough lighting to illuminate all the walls in the space. Furthermore, adding a mirror can make the bathroom feel roomier while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

A modest powder room is great. A tiny guest bath is OK. But a small master bath? That’s just plain inconvenient.


Unless you live in a custom-built house with a luxurious dressing room and bath, your bathroom is probably small. In fact, most existing master baths do not fit the needs or the desired aesthetic qualities for comfort and relaxation.

There’s hope. You simply need a few tricks and pointers that can help your tiny, tight space “grow” — visually.

Eliminate and Convert

If you’re using a standard 60” wide tub, convert that into a shower. This will create a more open feeling, and taking a bath will be safer entering a shower than climbing over a tub.

Eliminate closets, too, and reduce the size of your vanity top. If you have a cabinet, bury it into the wall. This may require you to reframe the wall, but it’s amazing what those extra five inches will give you.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Light opens up your bathroom’s space and adds interest. Use plenty of natural light by going for large windows, and leaving the frames unadorned with clear or frosted glass. Install recessed lighting into the ceiling as well.

Other sleek solutions include skylights, mini blinds, matchstick blinds, and shades that can be drawn to the top of the window.

Use Glass

Choosing an opaque shower will add a sense of privacy, but it can also divide your space and make it seem like it has an extra wall.

Go for a glass shower door instead. A clear door opens up the bathroom and makes it feel like one big space. You’re alone in the bathroom anyway, so opacity is not all that necessary.

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A Quick Guide to Window Glazing

Window glazing improves the thermal or visual qualities of glass. It’s a thin coat that forms a seal along the surface of the material. Depending on the kind of glazing, it can improve a window’s insulation, or filter out UV light from the sun.

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