A Glass Company in Indianapolis Can Improve Workplace Performance

Adding some natural light into your rooms and letting others see you at work may go a long way to raising everyone’s productivity. In an interview for the architectural magazine DeZeen, noted architect Chris Wilkinson explains one such story:

“Google was cubicle land when we started working with them. We worked on the original Googleplex work space. We had to do quite a bit of convincing to make the founders move away from their cubicle model. We managed to turn all of their enclosed rooms into glass rooms. That led us to this interesting tent roof system that we used throughout their offices … I think there are simple behavior changes that people need to go through to adapt to glass. I don’t have any issue with being seen all the time. We built our own offices in LA and all our meeting room front walls are glass. I work on the same type of desk that everyone else works on so everyone is connected in the same way as the very large desk we designed.”

Business operators in Indianapolis can learn a lot from the above story. Studies already consider Naptown as one of the best places for a business and many top companies have their international headquarters in the area. If you have a business that wants to break free from the traditional office mold and bring in more light, a glass company in Indianapolis like Suburban Glass Service Inc. will be the way to go.

A Glass Company in Indianapolis Can Improve Workplace Performance

Part of adding more glass enclosures requires consulting your preferred contractor on which sections of the workplace need them first. One look at Google’s offices will tell you that the conference rooms have a substantial portion of clear glass wrapping them. However, you can discuss whether the glass for your conference room needs frosted film on the lower half of the panels.

Wilkinson’s project was based on a theory that the workplace can be improved if it incorporated some familiar elements from a college campus, such as wide spaces for group discussions. Some of the office spaces also have colored glass panels to identify teams and break up the monotony.

Glass-enclosed offices─ especially those made with the assistance of contractors that also provide mirrors in Indianapolis, like SGS─ carry a challenge to office workers already accustomed to opaque settings on the floor. Wilkinson says it takes effort to address behavioral changes that go with installing glass enclosures, but the benefits do manifest as better accessibility, performance, and transparency for everyone.

(Source: Google was cubicle land when we started designing offices for them, DeZeen Magazine, 17 March 2014)